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We are InceptIT, an international software development company providing custom mobile, game, web, and cross-platform solutions. As innovation and digitalization experts, technical expertise and a user-focused approach are at the core of our company values.

What we do best

We offer high-end technical expertise for products that fit the clients requirements while continuously striving for innovation.

# Product Innovation

We strive to develop products that shape the next step of innovation. Find out more.

# Machine Learning

Protection from fraudulent activities trough machine learning is what we are currently engaged in. Learn more.

# Mobile Development

We develop Android, iOS and Webapps on a regular basis. Click for infos.

# Workshops

Map out a product plan, assess technical options, break-down priorities or create a prototype with us. Learn more.

# Embedded Software

We focus on firmware, server telemetry and infrastructure development. More.

# Solution Architecture

E.g. product planning, meeting qualitative or quantitative requirements, setting technical priorities. More info.

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Our Projects

We team up with clients at all stages of the development process, offering methods and solutions tailored to their particular needs. In the past we were able to realise exciting projects.

Tubics image

# Tubics

The result of our collaboration with tubics is a SaaS SEO tool for businesses that delivers analysis and recommendations for optimization of YouTube traffic and views. Learn more.

HarmonyCB image

# HarmonyCB

Our latest project creates the easiest way to build a UI to interface with the backend Admin endpoints. We want to create Harmony between the backend and the tasks with the use of a smooth, straightforward UI connecting to the users product. Learn more.

Schärf image

# Schärf

Schärf is the pioneer of industrial coffee machine making. Together with our partner Deduktiva, InceptIT developed the software for the SCHÄRF THREESIXTY machine. Get to know more.

GoingOutAT image

# GoingOutAT

Find parties, concerts, events and festivals in Vienna with our mobile app GoingOutAT. Read more on the idea, execution and the final app. More info.

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who we are

We are a small team of strategists and software developers with different backgrounds and interests. What connects us? Building revolutionary products and taking on new exciting projects.

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