About InceptIT

Our mission and primary goal is to build solutions that solve real problems and shape the future of society. We stay on top of the latest news in software development and hardware innovation. We actively keep adapting our product development processes to achieve the highest value for the end user.

How We Work

We are working mainly in agile environment as they have proven exceptionally efficient in quality and time when developing complex software. Implementing the right development process and strategy for each project is essential for us.


Since 2016 InceptIT creates custom software. We believe in innovation as the main drive for companies of the future. Initially approaching the Start-up industry, InceptIT was able to acquire first clients, who are successful to this day. However, the challenges of developing technology that considers both user needs and real-world business requirements is a challenge for all companies. Today we support a variety of industries with our services.

the team

The multinational InceptIT team has a passion for developing and delivering innovative software solutions. It's what brings us together. We believe in curiosity, equality, fairness, compassion and education.

Catherine Weilaender
Catherine Weilaender, MA
CEO & Co-Founder

Coming from the field of philosophy and media science, Catherine has always been interested and inspired by the interaction between humans and new technologies. She is experienced in consulting, business development, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Matthew Cloy
Matthew Cloy
CTO & Co-Founder

Working for over 20 years in the industry as a software engineer and manager, Matthew has gained valuable experience. From leading the R&D at bwin.party to running teams at SONY, he also negotiated directly with companies like Facebook, Sky and Netflix.

Eugenia Wodopian
Eugenia Wodopian
Software Developer

Eugenia is a front-end developer at InceptIT. She has a Bachelor degree in business and work experience in marketing.

Nenad Petkovic
Nenad Petkovic
Software Development Partner

Having worked together with InceptIT for several years, Nenad has been an essential contributor to numerous projects.

Chris Hofstaedtler
Software Development Partner

Chris has been continusouly supporting InceptIT from the start. He operates his own IT agency, Deduktiva.