Schärf ThreeSixty

revolutionizing gastronomy

Project Overview

We created a new and reliable software solution for the industrial IoT coffee machine: the ThreeSixty.

It is a smart IoT coffee machine with a Barista-focused production and machine setup. The settings are personalised easily through the mobile app which communicates with the embedded firmware - a revolution in the industry.

Schärf is a pioneer for IoT and innovation in gastronomy.

schaerf image

Features & Highlights

  • M2M communication between machine and mobile app.
  • Easy personalisation of machine settings through mobile app.
  • Automatic status reports and support.
  • Smart solution delivery: product tracking, PoS integration, remote status monitoring and setup.

Technology Stack

Firmware, mobile app, telemetry server, backend, DevOps


The innovative solution have repeatedly been referred to in the media: