more views with YouTube SEO

Project Overview

tubics is a YouTube SEO tool that helps brands and YouTubers rank better on search engines like Google & YouTube. Users receive suggestions on how to improve their SEO. The YouTube keyword tracking shows you how your videos perform in the YouTube ranking. tubics facilitates an organic growth of views and audiences. InceptIT is proud to contribute to tubics success.

tubics image

Features & Highlights

  • YouTube keyword tool including a traffic light system for ratings & improvement suggestions.
  • Keyword suggestions based on official search data provided by YouTube, Google, Bing and AdWords.
  • Comparative ranking for keywords on YouTube.
  • Process automation through templates for thumbnails, keywords and text snippets.
  • Big-data analysis of YouTube data for smart recommendations engine.

Technology Stack

JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, Node, Express, MySQL, TypeORM, YouTube API