We enjoy working on the ideas of our clients as much as realising our own. Since the launch of InceptIT in 2016 we were able to implement several innovative and challenging projects. Below are the once we are especially proud of.

Tubics image

# Tubics

Tubics and InceptIT started working together from the very beginning. We supported the team with our technical planning expertise and hands-on product development. Until this day we are happy to count Tubics to our clients, support them in their strategic decisions, development and see them grow! See details.

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# HarmonyCB

As administrator of your HarmonyCB account you have full access to display the data of your company in exactly the way you need it. Add, edit or delete data, define access roles for your co-workers and track the changes. HarmonyCB is a hosted back-office admin tool that connects your database or backend with a programmatic UI. More about HarmonyCB.

Schärf image

# Schärf

Schärf is the pioneer of industrial coffee machine production. As InceptIT we were tasked with developing the software for their 360 machine together with our partner company Deduktiva. This meant the implementation of firmware, the application of sensor technology for smart automation (IIOT) and the B2B mobile app for easy customization. Learn more.

GoingOutAt image

# GoingOutAT

This mobile app was started with a group of programmers who wanted to party at 12:35pm. After finding that all local event pages had switched day and spending ages searching webpages they decided to solve this problem. Today, GoingOutAt is an event search engine gaining traktion and pushing iterations based on user feedback. More about GoingOutAT.

    Further Projects:

  • A Video Poker Client for major Austrian Casino company
  • A Video Decoding Software from Playstation
  • A Remote Flash Player (over RDP)