Our focus lies in creating cutting edge applications with the use of the latest technologies across diverse industries. From custom web- and mobile app development, consulting services to embedded software development, we strive for the perfect fit for our clients.

# Product Innovation

We prefer to work with the user-centered, agile approach, as it’s proven to be most efficient both for achieving factual results and client satisfaction.

# Machine Learning

Behavioural biometrics, risk assessments through pattern recognition and neural networks for protection from fraudulent activities is what we currently pay close attention to.

# Mobile Development

We work with Android, iOS and Cross-platform tools. Our experience with mobile development reaches from mobile first to responsive and “mobile friendly” product development.

# Workshops

We guide you trough your preliminary technical product plan, identify technical development options, break down and re-define your development priorities and create a first prototype!

# Embedded Software

Firmware, telemetry of the server and infrastructure development for mission-critical solutions are at the center of our embedded software development.

# Solution Architecture

Includes product planning, meeting qualitative / quantitative requirements, managing technical priorities and review of existing products.

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